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A Journal of Women Studies
Edited by Guisela Latorre and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu

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ISSN  0160-9009

Available Electronically Through:

Available Electronically Through:

One of the premier publications in the field of feminist and gender studies, Frontiers has distinguished itself for its diverse and decisively interdisciplinary publication agenda that explores the critical intersections among—to name a few dimensions—gender, race, sexuality, and transnationalism. Many landmark articles in the field have been published in Frontiers, thus critically shaping the fields of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.

Back issues are now available for purchase online.  To see the list of available issues, click on either the "Individual" or "Institution" option box above and select "Single Issue".  (If the issue you want isn't listed, it may still be available for order by phone, so please call.)


Editors’ Note: Rethinking Transnational Feminisms
   Guisela Latorre, Mytheli Sreenivas, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu    

Beauty Between Empires: Global Feminism, Plastic Surgery, and the Trouble with Self-Esteem
   Sharon Heijin Lee    
Performing Mahjong in the 1920s: White Women, Chinese Americans, and the Fear of Cultural Seduction
   Annelise Heinz    
Fictions of All-Encompassing Precarity in the Works of Ayaan Hirsi Ali
   Richelle D. Schrock    
Look Wider Still: The Subversive Nature of Girl Scouting in the 1950s
   Susan H. Swetnam    
Artist Statement
   Jenifer K Wofford    
Recovering Mestiza Genealogies in Contemporary New Mexican Art: Delilah Montoya’s El Sagrado Corazón (1993)
   Stephanie Lewthwaite    
Rectangular Sky: Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México, 2002
   Jessie D. Turner    
A Conversation on the Feminist Application of Maestra: The Film
   Marie Lerma and Kristen Kolenz    
Transnational Feminism as a Paradigm for Decolonizing the Practice of Research: Identifying Feminist Principles and Methodology Criteria for US-Based Scholars
   Sylvanna M. Falcón    
Sisterhood in Movement: Feminist Solidarity in France and the United States
   Kelli Zaytoun and Judith Ezekiel
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