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Great Plains Research
A Journal of Natural and Social Sciences
Edited by Gary Willson

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ISSN  1052-5165

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Great Plains Research publishes original research and scholarly reviews of important advances in the natural and social sciences with relevance to and special emphases on environmental, economic and social issues in the Great Plains. It includes reviews of books and reports on symposia and conferences that included sessions on topics pertaining to the Great Plains. The overall goals are to develop GPR as a centralized outlet for science of regional importance, to communicate important scientific findings to as wide an educated audience as possible, and to help keep scientists, interested citizens, and leaders of this region up to date on scientific progress relevant to the Great Plains.

Great Plains Research is published for the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska.

Review Essay
Understanding and Assessing Projected Future Climate Change for Nebraska and the Great Plains
Robert Oglesby, Deborah Bathke, Donald Wilhite, and Clinton Rowe
Natural Sciences
A Historical Perspective on Nebraska’s Variable and Changing Climate
Martha D. Shulski, William Baule, Crystal Stiles, and Natalie Umphlett
Soil Water and Temperature Explain Canopy Phenology and Onset of Spring in a Semiarid Steppe
Lynn M. Moore, William K. Lauenroth, David M. Bell, and Daniel R. Schlaepfer
An Analytic Approach to Climate Dynamics and Fire Frequency in the Great Plains
Richard P. Guyette, Michael C. Stambaugh, Joseph Marschall, and Erin Abadir
Historical Drought Events of the Great Plains Recorded by Native Americans
Kevin Gallo and Eric Wood
Social Sciences
Virtually Constructing a Great Plains: Booster Impacts on Plains Viewing
Christina Dando
Book Reviews
Laurie Maijer Drees. Healing Histories: Stories from Canada’s Indian Hospitals
Hinemoa Elder
Adele Perry, Esyllt W. Jones, and Leah Morton, eds. Place and Replace: Essays on Western Canada
Frances W. Kaye
W. J. Loughry and Colleen M. McDonough. The Nine-Banded Armadillo: A Natural History
F. Agustín Jiménez
Edward J. Knell and Mark P. Muñiz, eds. Paleoindian Lifeways of the Cody Complex
Nicole M. Waguespack
Kenneth T. MacLeish. Making War at Fort Hood: Life and Uncertainty in a Military Community
Keith Brown
Alice C. Fletcher. Edited with and introduction by Joanna C. Scherer and Raymond J. DeMallie. Life among the Indians: First Fieldwork among the Sioux and Omahas
Robin Ridington
Jesse T. Korus et al. The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska
Michael B. Leite
Alan B. Andersen, ed. Home in the City: Urban Aboriginal Housing and Living Conditions
Wilfreda E. Thurston
Matt White. Prairie Time: A Blackland Portrait
Charles J. Bicak
David S. Jachowski. Wild Again: The Struggle to Save the Black-Footed Ferret
Kent A. Fricke
Mark C. Dillon. The Montana Vigilantes, 1863–1970: Gold, Guns, and Gallows
Gordon Morris Bakken
Alan B. Anderson. Settling Saskatchewan
John C. Lehr
Ronald R. Switzer. The Steamboat Bertrand and Missouri River Commerce
Vergil E. Noble
Alan Boye. Sustainable Compromises: A Yurt, a Straw Bale House, and Ecological Living
Richard K. Sutton
Merle Massie. Forest Prairie Edge: Place History in Saskatchewan
Shannon Stunden Bower
David E. Wilkins. Hollow Justice: A History of Indigenous Claims in the United States
Beth R. Ritter
John Stands In Timber and Margot Liberty. Foreword by Raymond J. DeMallie. A Cheyenne Voice: The Complete John Stands In Timber Interviews
Christina Gish Hill
Lisa Westberg Peters. Fractured Land: The Price of Inheriting Oil
Brian Hough
Joseph D. Ayotte, Jo Ann M. Gronberg, and Lori E. Apodaca. Trace Elements and Radon in Groundwater Across the United States: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011–5059
Jason Nolan
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