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The Woods Are On Fire, The Woods Are On Fire, 0803294948, 0-8032-9494-8, 978-0-8032-9494-3, 9780803294943, Fleda Brown Introduction by Ted Kooser , Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry, The Woods Are On Fire, 1496200322, 1-4962-0032-2, 978-1-4962-0032-7, 9781496200327, Fleda Brown Introduction by Ted Kooser , Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry, The Woods Are On Fire, 1496200330, 1-4962-0033-0, 978-1-4962-0033-4, 9781496200334, Fleda Brown Introduction by Ted Kooser , Ted Kooser Contemporary Poetry, The W

The Woods Are On Fire
New and Selected Poems
Fleda Brown
Introduction by Ted Kooser

2017. 300 pp.
$19.95 t

The Woods Are On Fire is Fleda Brown’s deeply human and intensely felt poetic explorations of her life and world. Her account includes her brain-damaged brother, a rickety family cottage, a puzzling and sometimes frightening father, a timid mother, and the adult life that follows with its loves, divorces, and serious illnesses. Visually and emotionally rich, Brown’s poems call on Einstein, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Law and Order, Elvis, and Beethoven. They stand before the Venus de Milo as well as the moon, as they measure distances between what we make as art and who we are as humans. In wide-ranging forms—from the sestina to prose poems—they focus on the natural world as well as the Delaware legislature and the inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton.

The Woods Are On Fire includes nearly fifty new poems, along with poems selected from seven previous books, showcasing an influential American poet’s work over the last few decades. 

Fleda Brown is professor emerita at the University of Delaware and is a faculty member of the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. She served as Delaware’s poet laureate from 2001 to 2007 and is the author of nine poetry books, including The Devil’s Child and Fishing With Blood, and two memoirs, including Driving with Dvorák (Nebraska, 2010). Her work has twice appeared in The Best American Poetry and has won numerous awards, including a Pushcart Prize and the Felix Pollak Prize. 

Previous praise for Fleda Brown’s poetry:
“To read these poems is to look through a newly washed window; the world is strangely bright and, at the same time, frighteningly familiar. This is a difficult effect to achieve—one that only succeeds when it is not an effect but something effortless. In [Brown’s] hands, effort is invisible.”—Judith Kitchen, The Georgia Review
“Reading a poem by Brown is a lesson in how to read one’s life, how each small thing, each seemingly casual detail, is in fact connected to perceptions and understandings of profound significance that we can all divine if only we calm our vision enough to fully experience the perishing present.”—World Literature Today

Publication of this volume was made possible in part by the generous support of the H. Lee and Carol Gendler Charitable Fund.

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